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Bringing Technology to the Fight

Open Solutions for the Warfighter

Who We Are

We build open software solutions for the modern warfighter

CTI is dedicated to building quality defense solutions for the warfighter. CTI's solutions are the preferred standard in our mission space due to our unique application of agile methodologies, utility-driven design, and iterative, hands-on development with our users. Here at CTI, we believe in the power of collaborative development with government, industry, and academia.

We are focused on building our solutions on open source and open government-owned platforms. This corporate philosophy ensures that industry proprietary software or hardware tools do not stand in the way of the right capabilities being brought to bear on the battlefield.

Open, Government-Owned Software

What We Do

We believe in the power of open software, hardware, and data management solutions. CTI tears down barriers to collaborative development and rapid deployment of leading-edge capabilities to the battlefield.

We accomplish this by utilizing a variety of open source and open, government-owned geo-visualization tools (such as TAK and Raptor), software-defined radio frameworks (such as GNU Radio and Redhawk), and Apache tools (such as Hadoop and Spark) for big data analysis and machine learning. Our unique utilization of open, non-proprietary tools and user experience-driven design makes the products we develop both trusted and relied upon by the warfighting community.

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