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Our Services team provides training programs and integration options for the open, government-owned applications that CTI develops in collaboration with the US Federal Government.

With the broad array of software and hardware options available, CTI helps teams leverage the various organic software applications, radio networks, and sensor architectures at their disposal to create an integrated  system capable of maximizing unit effectiveness with the tools on-hand.  Our team's extensive experience integrating disparate systems and multi-int sensors into open, government-owned frameworks has made us the preferred performer industry partners trust for efficient, timely, and high-quality integration  support.

Understanding there is no one solution to any problem, CTI can create a tailored approach to fit both your need and budget.

Network Connectivity

Our team of developers deliver premier integration of various message formats and network protocols.

Situational Awareness & Personnel tracking (BFT)

Integration of tracking sensor feeds to provide maximum visibility for both civilian and military communities.

System Interoperability

Two decades + of tailored code development for merging non-interoperable hardware and software ecosystems.

Customized Curriculums

Tailored curriculum delivered by our team of subject matter experts, centered around open, government-owned applications and tools.  

Training Services

Our team of subject matter experts bring decades of combined experience in radio communications and networking in concert with the TAK, RaptorX, EWPMT, and JICD architectures.  

CTI trainers can rapidly develop customized curriculum to meet your mission requirements both in the classroom and in the field.  Whatever your training needs may be and where ever your mission takes you, CTI is standing by to support your team.

Integration Services

With over 20 years of experience developing solutions on open, government-owned platforms, CTI offers turnkey integration services that leverage our teams deep knowledge of the core architecture and software development kits associated with TAK, RaptorX, EWPMT, and JICD.  We understand and can assist your team in navigating the approved software release cycle for these platforms, ensuring your software or hardware platforms are compatible with official releases and reliable when it matters.  

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