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CTI specializes in developing software solutions that enable the collection, aggregation, transport, and visualization of highly complex data sets in a meaningful context to the warfighter.

Our Philosophy

CTI was founded by a team of US military veterans and world-class software developers. We are dedicated to creating great solutions for the modern warfighter, and we are committed to ensuring they are the best technical solutions for the US Government.

Where we come from informs everything we do as a company. That is why we develop open, government-owned software tools. Because we have been there as users, locked-out of proprietary software tools that we needed to carry on with a mission when a license key expired. And we have been there as software developers, attempting to integrate with proprietary systems only to find vendors unwilling to collaborate.

What may seem like good business sense ultimately only ends up hurting the people who need the tools to win the fight. Here at CTI we remember our roots and where our responsibility lies at the end of the day - with the men and women in uniform who defend our nation.